Lab News

November 17-18, 2018
Our lab successfully organized the 4th Symposium of "Soft robotics theories and technologies" and "Innovative design completion of Soft robotics"!
November, 2018
Prof. Li Wen received the Chinese National Science Fund for Developing Remora-inspired Hitchhiking robot.
September, 2018
Prof. Li Wen was assigned as the Associate Editor of IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (Soft Robotics Area).
September 5, 2018
Our soft robotic manipulator grasp soft and delicate objects (sea urchin, sea cucumber) underwater. Our team won 2nd and 3rd prize in the 2nd underwater target recognition and underwater robotic grasping competition! Congratulations for Chen Bohan, Liu Jiaqi, Fang Xi, and Gong Zheyuan!

文力 博士

中华人民共和国 北京市海淀区
学院路37号 100191

By working closely with biologists, material scientists and mechanists, we are particularly interested in building robotics prototypes by using multiple soft materials, therefore to explore scientific questions in biomechanics including swimming, adhesion and grasping. Based on the understanding of biomechanics, we synthesize bio-inspired soft robotics which do work that traditional rigid robots *cannot* handle, for example, that can safely and effectively interact with human, live organisms and complex surrounding environments. We are also interested in collaborating with industrial people to bring our technologies into devices and products that meet the real-world applications.