News in 2019

July, 2019
Prof. Li Wen will serve as Guest editor of Frontiers of Nerorobotics, special issue " Integrated Multi-modal sensorimotor Coordination for Enhanced Human-robot Interaction".
May, 2019
Prof. Stuart from UC Berkeley, Prof. Calisti from Sant'Anna, Dr. Yufeng Chen from Harvard University, and our lab will host "Marine Bio-inspired Soft Robotics" workshop at IROS, Macau on Nov. 14. Link to the website:
May, 2019
Prof. Li Wen has been assigned as the Associate Editor of the journal Soft Robotics (a leading journal in the Robotics field), starting from July, 2019.
April, 2019
Prof. Li Wen and Prof. George Lauder will host the symposium "Aquatic Bio-inspired Soft Robotics" on May 9 at Beihang University.