Publications in 2014

Journal Publications

Xu Dong, Zhang Shaoguang and Li Wen.
"Propulsive efficiency of a two-joint robotic fish propelling with adjustable stiffness"
Advances in Mechanical Engineering  in press
Li Wen, James Waver, George Lauder.
"Biomimetic shark skin: design, fabrication and hydrodynamic function"
The Journal of Experimental Biology, 217,?1656-1666.
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Reported by Nature as “research highlights” with the title of “Biophysics: fast swimming with fake shark skin” in Nature 509, 7501 (2014) at
Reported by?Science?with the title of “Swimming with shark skin” at
Cover image of Journal of Experimental Biology at
Highlighted in?Journal of Experimental Biology by editor with the title of “Simulated shark skin boosts swimming” at
Reported by?BBC with the title of “3D printing reveals the power of shark skin” at
Reported by?Nature World News with the title of “Harvard Scientists 3D Print Artificial Shark Skin” at
Reported by?Discover magazine with the title of “3D printing shark skin boosts swimming speed” at
Reported by?Popular Mechanics with the title of “Shark Skin Will Inspire Faster Swimsuits and Airplanes” at
Reported by?Harvard University Wyss News with the title of “Researchers use multi-material 3D printing to fabricate the first biomimetic shark skin” at

Paper submitted and in preparation

Chuck Witt, Li Wen and George Lauder.
"Understanding hydrodynamics of C-start behavior in fish locomotion by using robotic flexible membrane"
In Preparation.
Li Wen, Patrick Thornycroft, James Weaver and George Lauder.
"Biomimetic shark skin: effect of denticle distributions and pattern"
In Preparation.

Conferences and Proceedings

Zhu Qichao, Cai Yingjie, Ding Rui, Ren Ziyu, Wang Tianmiao, Li Wen
“Bio-inspired flexible robotic caudal fin with three-dimensional locomotion”
World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (WCICA)  pp. 1881 – 1886, 2014.