News in 2019&2020

December, 2020
Prof. Li Wen won the Xiong Youlun Young Scientist Award!
November, 2020
Prof. Li Wen was awarded the Steven Vogel Young Investigator Award from IOP Bioinspiration Biomimetics!
August, 2020
Our lab organized "Frontiers in Biomechanics and Bio-robotics Workshop", Prof. Metin Sitti, George Lauder, Cecilia Laschi, Zhang Li, Dan Goldman, Silas Alben were invited to present their work.
September, 2019
Prof. Li Wen is now a memeber of the editoral board of journal Bioinspiration Biomimetics.
August, 2019
Li Wen has been invited to join the editoral board of the journal PLOS ONE, serve for the area of SOFT ROBOTICS.
May, 2019
Prof. Li Wen has been assigned as the Associate Editor of the journal Soft Robotics (a leading journal in the Robotics field), starting from July, 2019.
April, 2019
Prof. Li Wen and Prof. George Lauder will host the symposium "Aquatic Bio-inspired Soft Robotics" on May 9 at Beihang University.