Lab News

November, 2023
Our octopus-inspired soft arm paper was published by Science Robotics, and was reported by Nature!
Paper link:

Nature news:
October, 2023
Our new bimodal sensor paper was reported by Advanced Science News. Link
July, 2023
Prof. Li Wen serves as Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Robotics. Term: 2023.07-2026.06
August, 2022
Our bimodal soft sensor paper is published on Nature Communications!

Li Wen PhD

School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation
Beihang University
37, Xueyuan Street, Haidian Dist.
Beijing, China. 100191

Our research mainly focus on bio-inspired soft robotics that do work traditional rigid robots *cannot* handle. Based on the understanding of biomechanics, we synthesize robotics that can safely and effectively interact with human and complex surroundings.
  By working closely with biologists, material scientists and mechanists, we are particularly interested in building robotics prototypes by using multiple soft materials, therefore to explore open challenging scientific questions in biomechanics such as swimming, adhesion and grasping. We also work closely with industrial people to bring our technologies into devices and products that meet the real-world applications.